Hi! I’m a Data Science Ph.D. candidate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a member of the DAISY Lab, advised by Elke Rundensteiner and Xiangnan Kong.

In my research, I aim to build systems that learn from large amounts of data to support time-sensitive decision making in ongoing environments without perpetuating societal biases. To this end, I build data mining and machine learning models and tools for mainly time series and text.

My work has been published in several top papers (KDD, NeurIPS, AAAI, ACL) and I spent a year collaborating with the UMass Medical School using machine learning to help doctors write better clinical trials faster.

My research is funded by a GAANN Research Fellowship and with robust methods in hand, I aim to improve healthcare.

Please feel free to contact me, I am always happy to chat!

Research Interests

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Outside of research, I enjoy bouldering, biking, books (fantasy, science fiction, science fact), birding, and playing guitar. I also spent a summer living at BioSphere 2 in rural Arizona.